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I’m back!  It’s been a while, and all kinds of crazy stuff has gone down since I stepped away.  I’ve checked in with this blog every blue moon to delete the thousands and thousands of bullshit emails sent from (mostly) Eastern Europe.  But beyond that, this poor blog has been sitting here languishing while I’ve been off doing a ton of cool things.  And now it’s time to pick it up again…

This blog started out as an experiment; a chronicle of my attempts to break into the book world.  Starting from square one, ground zero, a completely cold place, I set out to talk and claw my way into the world of publishing.  And in some ways, I actually have.  I know a decent amount about this world now. 

We’re much further down the road.  The baby just turned 2 and isn’t a baby any longer.  My book just came out.  And that’s a very, very long story, so I suppose we should start telling it.

It also turns out there were some entries for this blog that I never got around to posting way back when.  These old outtake posts are taking me on a nice trip down recent memory lane, to a time when my toddler was just a newborn and I was slightly younger myself.  We’ll get to some of those too…once I’m done deleting the 18,794 spam emails currently in the box. 

We’ve got other things to talk about as well.  Okay, here come the BULLET POINTS!  Oh, how I love bullet points…Just like the news in USA Today, simplified to the point of borderline-misleading.  But I only ever see USA Today when I’m in a hotel near an airport so that news better be pretty major for me to give a crap because I’m probably about to lug the baby onto another plane.

Here’s what’s coming… 

BOOK AGENTS!  Especially the problem ones and the lessons learned

ALSO…The one agent who worked out…somewhat

AND PUBLISHERS! Yes, a few interesting makeout sessions with publishers. Figurative makeout sessions.  I have yet to meet a publisher I could kiss without gagging.


LIFE – Various experiences with my 2-year-old daughter and life in Venice Beach

MY BOOK and how that happened.  Still happening, to be more accurate

It’s been a long trip, and it’s not over yet.  Time to sift through some more of what we’ve learned so far…

It’s good to be back. 

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